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  • Antica Bottiglieria Piccolo

  • Azienda Agricola Grandi Natalina

    The Natalina Grandi farm is a family-run concern that has been producing wine for several generations.

    Its five acres of vineyard, located in the hills and plains of Gambellara, are of volcanic origin.

    The spirit behind the work at the vineyard is a love of the land and its fruits.

    Quality is the focal point of the vineyard, and is achieved by maintaining low grape production, harvesting the grapes by hand, and using technology.

    This quality has been recognised over the years through several awards.

    The main grape grown here is Garganega, a true pearl of this land.

    The wines produced at this vineyard are gems, achieved through long experience and on-going commitment to maintaining high quality.

  • Delfino Battista s.r.l.

    The passion and love for work with an absolutely familiar character is one of the peculiarities of our company.

    All Delfino Battista products are strictly free of preservatives and chemical additives to preserve their quality and keep their natural taste intact.

    In these years nothing has changed, our company is able to bring guaranteed and genuine products to your table every day.

    Simple and natural ingredients and a processing that respects the best Cetarese tradition make our products highly recommended foods for a healthy and balanced diet.

    It is a must to remember that the processing method is completely handmade so that some operations such as that of the packaging of the product are entrusted to manual execution.

  • Il Cortiglio Rocca Normanna

    The Rocca Normanna Agricultural Society was established by the Acampora Troisi family in 2004 with the aim of leading and managing the approximately 25 hectares that from the 1100s are passed from generation to generation.

    In Fontanarosa, in secular olive groves and in modern vineyards, olive oil and red and white wines are produced, including the precious Taurasi. The Palazzo Troisi (former castle) is now the home of the Company, which is about restoring the ancient cellars in the guts of the country, places that have always been used for aging the wine.

    In Pantelleria, in the quaint vineyard, which has become a UNESCO World Heritage site, are produced the zibibbo grapes with which is obtained the famous Passito di Pantelleria, true nectar of the gods. In Pantelleria you can also spend wonderful holidays in the ancient "dammusi" of the 800, carefully restored and used as a farm. The peace and tranquility of the countryside combined with the crystal clear sea make the Island ideal destination for holidays with a healthy lifestyle and sport.

    Our productions are the expression of an agricultural world still linked to tradition, which wants to bring to the consumer an authentic product that can express all the potential of its territory.

  • Macchia dei Briganti

    We are a young wine producer, producer of Fiano di Avellino docg, Camp Taurasini doc Irpinia, Aglianico igt Campania and Rosato doc Irpinia. The farm is situated on the fertile hills of Irpinia. Typical wines from Irpinia born from our land, such as Avellino wines or Irpinia wines, are the expression of the vocation of our territory. A land highly inspired by viticulture, where the "Aglianico" grape from which the wines come from: Taurasi docg, Taurasini docs Irpinia, Aglianico igt Campania and Rosato doc Irpinia. The vine "Fiano" also finds in these lands a full expression of its characteristics with the renowned Fiano di Avellino docg or Fiano docg of Avellino.
    Our experience was born as a winemaker in 2001, when we decided to enhance the efforts of our ancestors, re-planting an old vineyard of Aglianico grapes. In the following years we have planted other vineyards of Aglianico and Fiano. Initially we handed our grapes to other wineries, but soon we realized that we had a great chance, as well as a fortunate and advantageous position to exploit.

  • Magiantosa

    Magiantosa is a start-up founded by 4 partners with the passion for Sicily and its traditions. The company's development strategy aims to combine its organic growth through strong brand building

  • Monzo - Pietrabianca Frantoio Oleario

    Pietrabianca was officially founded about twenty years ago at Casal Velino Marina, in the locality of Portararo, an area that has historically been called by the inhabitants of the Pietrabianca area, in the local dialect of Pretajanca. The company is located in the heart of the National Park of Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni, a UNESCO Heritage area of ​​the province of Salerno, a rural area with a strong agricultural vocation, especially olive-growing. The Monzo family has always been inextricably and proudly linked to the rural culture and to the ancient traditions of Cilento, and this is why over the centuries it has matured a strong specialization in the cultivation of the olive tree and in the transformation of its fruits. The recent history began three generations ago, when in the early 1900s Antonio Monzo already cultivated his olive groves and today only thanks to him, Pietrabianca has in its heritage secular plants that even reach 700 years old, patriarchs to be kept with care, which testify the ancient memory and seem to challenge time. Their extraordinary beauty that generates at the same time emotion, admiration and sense of peace is a constant stimulus to protect more and more the olive heritage of the Cilento, unique in its kind.

  • Pad Service S.A.S.

  • Parisi S.p.A

    Parisi S.p.A has been present on the national market for almost a century and is specialized in the processing and marketing of dry, dried and dehydrated, national and imported fruits. Numerous are the marketed references. For example, among classic products, we mention nuts, almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, pistachios and pine nuts, and dried and dehydrated goji berries, apricots, plums, figs and dates.

    Thanks to the experience gained over the years, continuous investments and upgrades, the company has been certified according to ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management System) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) In possession of Customs Certification for the management of customs operations.

    Parisi S.p.A. is also certified according to the BRC and IFS international standards that guarantee food safety at every stage of the supply chain, and according to the Biological Method for the production and marketing of organic products.

    Business policy has always focused on quality through a careful selection of suppliers combined with raw material analysis, internal controls during the processing, processing and packaging of the final product and efficient customer service.

    The evidence of the company's attention to the consumer is given, besides the various certifications, from the always complete, clear and legible labeling and the packaging designed to give maximum transparency to the product.

  • Pastificio Falco

    Viamonte along the road to Vesuvius, grandmother Maria in the 40's had a stone mill powered by water, small pride of my family and the district

    The hard and urgent work was rewarded by the constant coming and going of people who wore their raccoltoalle our grinders from all nearby areas.

    Then the turning point in the 50's with the increase in volumes of a millstone, the arrival of the electric current with the grindstones mechanized, the passage of trucks through the streets of my country and the increase in trade during the economic boom; licenses permits, quality certificates.

    It seems like yesterday that we toasted the opening of the mill with a glass of new wine. My grandparents, my family, to our land, to customers, to good things, this is our thanksgiving.

  • Tomarchio Sicilia in Bottiglia

    A passion that begins in 1920

    Intuition, passion and almost a century of experience ... these are the ingredients that gave birth to Sibat Tomarchio, the leading Sicilian company in the production and distribution of carbonated drinks. Everything started in 1920 in Acireale when the founder, Cav. Filippo Tomarchio, started the handmade production of the first gaseous turbid distributed by the "door-to-door" method in 250 ml glass bottles.
    If in those years we had asked Philip Cavalier to imagine the success he would have received his formidable recipe, surely he himself, even though he was a farsighted and intuitive genius, could never have imagined that the recipe and the accompanying name would have flanked Generations of consumers spreading cheerfulness and freshness on Sicilian tables and becoming proud of all Sicilians and beyond.
    Innovation and respect for traditions Today Tomarchio with a turnover of 10 million euros, a production of 40 million bottles, reaches over 1,400,000 Sicilian households, without counting the new "non-Sicilian" families in Italy and around the world, From just under a year, you have been conquered by the goodness of your drinks.

  • Vini Marino Camporeale

    Our farm and 'born many years ago the property of our ancestors in the territory of Camporeale at an altitude of about 400 to 450 meters above sea level, where we went from small to help our parents who have instilled the love of the land and old traditions.
       About 10 to do 'and was taken in hand by Vincenza Pisciotta and Nicola Marino with his sons Jessica, Andrea and Fabrizio have replanted native vines, about 15 hectares.
       The love for the land respect for nature and the environment, the pleasure and enthusiasm to create, passion for wine, characterize the way of life and the Marino family philosophy, care with scrupulous attention with its vineyards only organic methods, focusing mainly on the quality and not the quantity, producing no more than 90 quintals per hectare obtaining prestigious wines.
       The varieties of our vines are
    - Red grapes (Nero d'Avola, Syrah)
    - White grape (Catarratto, Grillo, Chardonnay, Malvasia)
     The innovative winemaking process, aging in steel tanks and in "bariques" characterize the quality process by generating "Typical Wines" with a strong