About us

From comments and voiced considerations among friends, in the academic and realistic way how the man now understood as a citizen of a community, can successfully reconciling the 'need to address the issue in the daily purchase both necessities products than for 'lifestyle needs with other business commitments and socialites who do not want or can not do without, in addition to the need in case you live in kilometers away from their homeland want to enjoy those products to which only a short, fleeting return in their homeland are able to meet, or to the desire to know the tastes and traditions of others;

from this is born the idea of ​​creating a Web portal that can meet and match those needs keeping in mind the three fundamental principles of a healthy and nutritious diet, specifically his method in CROP, in the selection and classification of various products and to finish its processing processes.

These are the reasons that led us Business Network Ltd (Being homologous) and currently supported, for reasons of expediency by one of the founders, to launch the Brand



All this supported by the experience of each one of us for their specific professional skills, acquired through years of work in the field of Sales, Marketing and the Web world, to propose and implement the Platform for E-COMMERCE Typical Products Commercialization DOC - DOP - PGI - TSG that our country expresses in cultivation, production and transformation of the same.