Prugne Denocciolate - 250gr - Parisi S.p.A. View larger

Prugne Denocciolate - 250gr - Parisi S.p.A.

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The plums harvested at the time of ripening and then dried, are soft and tasty, good as small snacks rich in fiber and potassium and are great for cooking sweet or salty dishes.
Packs of 250 gr.
Ingredients: Dry Plums
Origins: CILE.

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An experiment by the NASA Ames Research Center and some US universities has highlighted the benefits of this fruit against the adverse effects of spatial radiation on the bones and thanks to their high vitamin content k, which contributes to maintaining healthy bones, Upcoming missions in space astronauts may need to spare dry plums.

Ingredients: Dried plums
Preservative: Potassium Sorbate

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