Noci in Guscio - 400gr - Parisi S.p.A. View larger

Noci in Guscio - 400gr - Parisi S.p.A.

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In ancient Rome the walnut tree was sacred to Jupiter, the name nuts in fact means "Jupiter's acorns". Walnuts, such as almonds and chestnuts, have for years been a precious nourishment for the mountain peoples, and for this reason they call the bread of the poor.
Packs of 400 gr.
Origins: CILE/USA.

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This fruit, which man consumes from the dawn of history, is considered beneficial to our heart: with the daily intake of 30 g of nuts contributes to the improvement of the elasticity of blood vessels; Are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B1, phosphorus and magnesium.

In the kitchen, nuts are packed with a lot of delicious salad dressings with elaborate dishes, many sweets and the famous Nocino liqueur.

Ingredients: Walnuts

It may contain traces of peanuts and other nuts