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Irpinia Campi Taurasini DOC 2014 - Macchia dei Briganti

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The red wine Campi Taurasini doc Irpinia or Irpinia doc Taurasini Fields, which is obtained from Aglianico grapes coming from alleanic vineyards, is an autochthonous vine spread throughout the Italian South, where it is expressed with great typicity. To the Aglianic wine of Taurasi, the name of controlled and guaranteed origin (Docg) was first assigned. It is an ancient vine, probably originally from Greece and introduced in Italy around the 7th-6th centuries BC There is no certainties about the origin of the name, which could simply be a mockery of the word Hellenic. Historical-literary testimonies about the presence of this vine are found in Orazio, who sang the qualities of his land and his excellent wine. The original name (Elleanico or Hellenic) became Aglianico during the Aragonese domination during the fifteenth century, due to the double "L" pronounced "the" in Spanish phonetic use.