Campania Aglianico IGT 2015 - Macchia dei Briganti View larger

Campania Aglianico IGT 2015 - Macchia dei Briganti

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The red wine Aglianico igt Campania or Campania igt Aglianico, born with the history of Bellenology, has very ancient origins dating back to the days before the Romans. It begins with the landing of the ancient Greeks in those lands that will later be named Magna Grecia. In fact, many confirm that it was the Greeks who brought the seeds of vitis vinifera to Campania, so that many native grapes of this region are considered Greek. The Aglianico igt from which the red wine Aglianico igt Campania is obtained is certainly one of the main vines to be introduced into Campania by the Hellenic people, since its name is believed to be derived from an alteration of the term Ellenico, that is "from Greece".